Overcoming the Pitfalls of Buying Lingerie

It goes without saying that holiday habits change depending on where you are in the world. However, for the majority of us it's more about seeking sun and a hard-earned rest - we've worked hard, sacrificed a little and probably burnt the candle at both ends. We need to recuperate, have something to look forward to and be able to go shopping for a new holiday wardrobe in anticipation. But, in reality does it turn out like that?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you are wearing the wrong size or type of bra - like 70 per cent of the female population. It does seem an extraordinarily large percentage, but the average woman changes bra size several times throughout her life and all it takes is to not really take any interest in your lingerie for a year or two and you're suddenly in a lingerie rut.

Silk is made from fibres that are natural. This makes the material very lightweight, which allows the skin to breathe freely at night after a full day of work. It is also the perfect piece of clothing to wear during warm and humid nights. Though silk is thin and extremely lightweight, it can make every woman feel luxurious when wearing lingerie or nightwear made up of silk. This material is also exceptionally soft and smooth, so if the nightgown is made of this then utmost comfort can be enjoyed as a woman goes to bed to rest.

The comfort and confidence a sexy lingerie set gives you is really incomparable. A sexy supportive bra helps with posture and makes you walk with your shoulders back and tall. A seductive lingerie set makes you ooze sex appeal and confidence without you even trying. Try, for example, buying a new set of lingerie - something you love, perhaps in your favourite colour or with delicate detailing or fabulously naughty. Wear it with suspenders or hold-ups and it's guaranteed that it will put a serious spark in the bedroom. Women get it so wrong sometimes when it comes to lingerie: they buy it for their man rather than buying it for them. Buy it, love it, wear it and be it. If you're buying lingerie that you like, it will be worn, it won't just come out on special occasions. It seems so sad that there are lingerie drawers out there with sexy lingerie in them that have only seen the light of a candle and a bedroom floor once or twice. After all, what's the point of lingerie if not to be worn?

Fitting yourself for a bra is very easy, when you are at home you need to take a look at how your bra fits you, does the back strap ride up luxury lingerie or does it dig in? If your back strap rides up then it is too big and you need to go down in size so a 36 would become a 34 but if the strap digs in then you need to go up a size so a 36 would become a 38. You also need to take a look at how well your cups fit you, does the material wrinkle up or are your boobs cut across meaning that you are falling out of the top? If the material is wrinkling up then you need to go down a cup size, a C cup would become a B cup but if your cups are cutting across your boobs then you need to go up a cup size, a C cup would become a D cup. Once you have taken a look at how your bra fits you at home you will have an idea of what size may fit you better and with that you can go out shopping and try on a bra in that size and reassess how well it fits you and how comfortable it is to wear.

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